Sustainable Floristry

At BlumeTown we are committed sustainable floristry. We are always learning, growing and doing our best to reduce our impact on the environment. Bendigo's only sustainable florist, learn how we are reducing our impact on the environment below;

Zero Foam

Floral foam is a single use plastic product. This product does not break down and the health impacts are concerning for florists, consumers and the environment. We never have and we never will use floral foam in any of our floral designs.

Zero plastic packaging

Our flower wraps are compostable, no cellophane or plastic in site! All  wet wraps used to keep your flowers fresh are biodegradable

Australian grown flowers

We are so lucky to live in a country that produces magnificent flowers and foliage. Australian grown means fewer travel miles, fresher flowers, controlled pesticide use, safer handling conditions for florists and longer lasting blooms for consumers. Growing flowers is hard work, the industry needs our support to keep it thriving. Our flowers are only ever grown in Australia and local to Central Victoria when seasons permit. Want to know what we are growing? Follow our Instagram page -Terra Rossa.

Compost all scraps

All the cuttings, leaves and scraps go straight into the compost. Who puts green waste in the general waste bin?

Reduce waste

Sometimes our store may look bare, we try to limit ordering so we can reduce waste and only ever offer our customers fresh flowers. All flowers and foliage left over are naturally dried for arrangements.

Continuous improvement

At Blumetown we continue to improve our practices to ensure our sustainable floristy initiatives are current.

We are so passionate about locally grown flowers that we are establishing a bee friendly micro flower farm. You can follow our journey at Terra Rossa on instagram.

If you are interested in learning more about our practices or have any questions about sustainable floristry, please get in touch.