Where are we located? You can find our floral studio at 85 View st, Bendigo

When do you deliver? All deliveries go out between 11-5pm. Order before 1pm for same day delivery.

Will my flowers look like the photo? At Blumetown, we move with the seasons because seasonal flowers support sustainable floristry. Seasonal flowers means fresh, local and less travel miles! While we can't always guarantee a replica, we can promise the same colour palette, style and the freshest flowers.

Will my flowers be left at the door and stay fresh? In the warmer months, our flowers are wet packed using bio-degradable cloths/bags to keep your flowers fresh. 

What should I do with my flowers once I receive them? Pop your beauties straight into cool water. Trim your stems with sharp scissors on an angle every 3 days. Keep them away from direct sunlight and don't forget to change the water every 48hours to keep them extra fresh. 

Can I add a note? Of course you can! We have small complimentary card that accommodate a short message.

What if I have provided the incorrect address? We can only deliver once, if the address is incorrect the flowers will be taken back to the studio. If this occurs our florists will make contact with you regarding your delivery.