About Blumetown

Welcome to Blumetown

Laura, the creative behind Blumetown, is a passionate grower and floral designer. Laura's passion for Australian grown flowers and the industry at the heart of floral design is encapsulated in her wild designs. Blumetown is home to nature lovers and enthusiasts, with it's floral studio committed to sustainable floristry and striving to reduce it's environmental impact.

Blumetown is a Bendigo Florist who delivers flowers that are 100% Australian grown, seasonal & always fresh. Our floral arrangements are custom designed, beautifully wrapped & ready to be enjoyed by Bendigo residents. 

Sustainable Floristry

We put the environment first in all our practices, decisions and approach to floristry. You can read more about our commitment on our website. We dry, repurpose & donate any flowers left over at the end of the week.

Our creations encompass eco design principals and tools. We have a firm position on Australian grown flowers & our commitment to slow flowers shines through all our designs.

We regularly provide information about all the ways we are reducing our environmental impact via our social media pages. Transparency and authenticity is important to our approach to sustainable floristry.

Our floral designers create everyday bouquets, for large & small events, weddings and all occasions in between.